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The era of 'digital infrastructure' has arrived

Date: 2020-02-27

China's new "infrastructure era" has arrived!However, it is not the traditional era of infrastructure represented by "iron infrastructure" and real estate, but the era of "digital infrastructure" represented by 5G, Internet of things, industrial Internet, new energy and new energy vehicles.

These days, various high-level meetings of the central committee have been held in succession. One of the core ideas of the meeting is to enable enterprises to resume work and production in an orderly manner on the premise of prevention and control of the epidemic, so as to maintain a certain growth rate of the Chinese economy and achieve the set strategic goals.To this end, the ministries, local governments and enterprises responded positively, the ministry of industry and information technology called: do a good job in 5G development and resumption of production, accelerate the pace of 5G commercial!

It is obvious that China's new round of infrastructure construction, break through the traditional railway, highway and infrastructure construction as the representative mode of construction, gives a new connotation of science and technology, it is of great historical significance and realistic significance of twist, also accord with the world economy and China's economic development trend and requirements, this round of infrastructure with 5 g, the Internet, information, such as intelligent as distinct features of science and technology.

Digital infrastructure "is based on science and technology as the core driving force of the new economic development model, is based on 5 g, 5 g is a iot, artificial intelligence, the basis of all interconnected, industry, the Internet and information technology, represented by technology companies such as huawei, China in the field of 5 g occupy the top of the world science and technology, this is the advantage of China's emerging industries, 5 g commercial, so as to conform to China's science and technology, has a solid foundation of science and technology.China's vigorous development of "digital infrastructure" at this stage is determined by the following reasons:

First, in terms of the external environment, China still lags far behind the world's advanced level in chip, integrated circuit, aviation engine and other fields of science and technology. However, the external situation is not optimistic.A few developed countries constantly to "make the discovery ambushes", "their" in China, independently controllable and domestic substitution, become the era of science and technology industry in China, and China's science and technology enterprise is unable to stay in making low-end parts, only to become a "world factory", but should constantly improve the technology in assaying and value-added, occupied the commanding heights of the key technology, taking the core technology.The game between the big countries is more and more reflected in the competition of science and technology, the development of high-tech, China urgently!

Second, from the perspective of internal environment, China's existing economic structure is in urgent need of optimization and industrial upgrading is imminent.And the best way to achieve this goal, and the way, is to increase the contribution rate of science and technology of the economic growth in China, let China's science and technology enterprises grow, dozens of science and technology enterprises to stand out, in every niche technology catching up, this is a new round of world economic competition is the objective requirement of the science and technology, informationization, intellectualized.

Third, historical experience has shown that each major outbreak creates new forms of economic activity.The outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia forced China's economy to accelerate the transformation of the development model and get rid of the original path dependence.Such as online office, online education, urban intelligence, information and grid management, medical information.After the outbreak is over, the government will increase input in public health and urban management, improve the level of information and intelligence, and nip in the bud.This will bring unprecedented historical opportunities to relevant industries and enterprises, as well as new investment opportunities to the a-share market.