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In the first half of this year, Hangzhou received 48.4 million tourists and achieved a tourism income of 88.32 billion yuan

Date: 2021-08-26

In the first half of this year, the number of tourists in Hangzhou increased by 73.7% compared with the same period last year, recovering to 89% in the same period in 2019.

On August 23, Hangzhou Municipal Tourism system held a semi-annual working conference and a symposium on striving to be the model city of Zhejiang High-quality Development and common prosperity Demonstration Area.

According to the "5510" key project arrangement at the beginning of the year, Hangzhou has taken a number of measures to promote the recovery of the cultural and tourism industry. In the first half of this year, Hangzhou received 48.4 million tourists and achieved a total tourism revenue of 88.32 billion yuan. We will promote the high-quality development of the cultural and tourism industry this year.

In the first half of this year, the number of tourists in Hangzhou increased by 73.7% compared with the same period last year, and recovered to 89% in the same period in 2019. At present, there are 275 projects in the construction of cultural tourism, which actually completed the investment of 26.336 billion yuan and completed the annual task of 84.95%, and won the first place in the comprehensive index of investment in major cultural tourism projects in the province. At the same time, the intangible Cultural Heritage protection and development index ranked first in the province for three consecutive years. This year, Xiaoshan's "Lace Making technology", Jiande's "Yandong Guan Wujia skin Brewing technology", Tonglu's "Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture" and Gongshu's "24 Solar Terms of the Lunar Calendar" were selected as national intangible cultural heritage projects.

Hangzhou is exploring the road of all-region tourism innovation, one of the remarkable features is the transformation and upgrading of red tourism products. This year, on the basis of the traditional local red culture tour resources, hangzhou "immersion" education through the door again, roll out the red inheritance "reading + day" line, hold red classic reader share, introduce radix stemonae red book reading, opening in the city more than 200 places of public reading book shelf "party history study education theme, Ten new red routes, including "Beishan Red" and "Wushan Qingfeng", have been added.

The public service of cultural tourism keeps pace with The Times, causing a large ripple in the industry. Hangzhou culture and tourism system has launched ten series of "people call me for action" measures centering on the three levels of people's livelihood, service enterprises and service grass-roots level, including practical matters such as optimizing the consumption environment, providing services for the elderly over 60 years old to enter the scene and park, and reforming the payment method of quality deposit of travel agencies. What is more worth mentioning is that hangzhou study, which has entered the 2.0 era, is committed to break through the reading capillary of the city. This year, 21 Hangzhou study houses such as hermit music study and Mengquan Academy have been built, and a total of 100 hangzhou study houses are planned to be added in the city by 2022.

At present, the preliminary compilation of the "14th Five-year plan" Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Development Plan of Hangzhou City and hangzhou Tourism Internationalization Action Plan (2021-2025) have been completed, and the "Further Establishment and Improvement of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Mechanism of cultural Market" and "Ten Coordinated Measures of Cultural Relics Administrative Law Enforcement in Hangzhou city" are being formulated. Will further improve the city's cultural market comprehensive law enforcement mechanism.

According to the action Plan (2021-2025) of Hangzhou striving to be the Model city of Zhejiang High-quality Development and Construction of Common Prosperity Demonstration Area, after a preliminary review, there are 22 key work in the field of culture, tourism and tourism. In the second half of this year, hangzhou culture radio and television bureau would journey in wen fu have to share the rich country, big projects traction, public cultural service quality sharing, historical and cultural heritage, digital reform, improve the system management and so on key, in hangzhou to be common prosperity development of zhejiang high quality construction demonstration area city literature brigade power paradigm.